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In the past decade there has been a revival in interest in diners. Though fast food chains replaced many of them in the 60s, diners are now considered a classic example of American cultural history. Fifties-style diners, in particular, have become no less than museums depicting, what is considered by many, the richest of all eras.

The trademarks of a classic American diner, undoubtedly, include: chrome interior, homemade desserts, mouthwatering comfort food, and a down-to-earth fine dining experience conveyed through the friendliness of the servers.
Bob's stands out against any regional attempt to portray a genuine American diner experience. Originally established in Glendale, California in the 1950's, Bob's Diner has been considered significant to American history, culture, and architecture. The founder, Bob Wian, had, in fact, created the "Big Boy" as the first double-deck burger; the double-decker that no other than McDonald's later introduced as the famous 'Big Mac'.

What, primarily, puts Bob's Easy Diner on top of its game, is its authenticity in delivering a fine American diner experience that existed in the 50s. This notion is rather understated in others' efforts to carry on such an experience.
It is fair to say that Bob's serves the best burgers in town. Not only is it privileged to have the "Daddy of all Burgers" on its burgers selection, it is also known to superiorly grill its quality patties, as if prepared on your backyard. Everything else on the menu is nothing short of amazing.

  • + Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971-4/4393710
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Ever since it first opened in New York in 1964, Benihana has often been imitated but never duplicated. Benihana is beyond a doubt, the longest running dinner show in the world! What would a dinner show be without great food? Not Benihana!

Benihana Restaurant is a traditional Japanese-Style steakhouse called-Teppanyaki.
At Benihana, your meal is prepared and served by performing chef, right at your Hibachi table.

Due to its long term success and consistent high quality standard, Boubess Group managed to hold the franchising rights of Benihana in Lebanon.
Ideally located at Le Commodore Hotel in Hamra-lebanon, Benihana guests can choose from a variety of fresh and mouthwatering sushi, Teppanyaki varieties as well as other Japanese specialties.

  • + Le Commodore Hotel
    Hamra - Commodore Street
    Tel. +961-1/734734
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Located in the heart of Beirut Central District, Café Centre-Ville is the ultimate representation of Lebanon's capital, renowned once for being "The Paris of the Middle East" thanks to its multicultural and intellectual legacy.

The restaurant is filled with nostalgia from the golden era of the 60's & 70's, when Downtown Beirut used to amaze the world with its beautiful shops, cafés, cinemas and famous theaters.

As a tribute to the good old days, the inside of the place allows you to escape the present and take a step back in time with its vintage "Centre-Ville" feel mixed with an urban touch, retro photos and illustrations reflecting Beirut's history on its walls.

The menu includes International favorites in addition to local dishes prepared to suite everyone's taste and thus reflecting the cultural melting pot of the city. The coffee loungers as well as the Narguile puffers will have their share of an unforgettable time too by experiencing a unique and spacious outdoor terrace.

Café Centre-Ville takes you on a journey back in time, revives nostalgia and keeps the memories of Beirut's glory alive.

  • + Khan Antoun Bey Square, Lebanon
    Tel. +961-1/990994
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The monumental Café Hamra catches your attention even when you're just drifting by: a paramount red hue fishes you into a regional museum of art, music and taste. A collection of rare posters and photographs from the pop culture familiar to the Beirutis of the 70's hang on a stream of cherry walls bounding the heterogeneous interior. The creators' heartfelt loyalty to the history of Hamra and its once bustling strip of cafés urged them to resurrect the culture of sidewalk cafés.

Like the residents, Café Hamra fuses the local with the international and the rural with the urban in the food it offers, the design elements and the mode of delivery. The menu is predominantly international with commercial favorites prepared to suit the local taste. Graffiti of Beirut's street scene is dispersed across the outlet. Interior elements of the Lebanese countryside are amalgamated with industrial material harmoniously crossing you over from section to section. What's become a local hangout from the moment it opened its doors suits everyone and anyone: fitted with leather couches for the coffee loungers, the striving students and the businesspeople. Dining tables are set up for the hungry patrons looking for a convenient variety and the biggest seated outdoor space in the area nestled in Café Hamra's backyard housing the narguileh puffers, backgammon lovers and those yearning for a true al fresco experience.

If you happened to be strolling down memory lane, make sure to make a stop at the new landmark: a destination that will be celebrated as the initiator of the backyard cafés movement in Hamra for generations to come.

  • + Hamra Main Street, Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/348999
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Located at Beirut Souks - Al Ajami Square, Café Libanais is a Lebanese Brasserie serving homemade Lebanese food.

At Café Libanais you can taste the freshness and the passion we put into our food by using traditional olive oil, spices, herbs and only the freshest ingredients in all of our platters; whether it is lunch or dinner, you will definitely enjoy the experience.

Our dishes are specially prepared to reflect the distinctive flavors of our culture. From the world-famous Tabboulé & Fattouch to the traditional Hummus & Moutabal, we offer a large selection of delicious menu items that you can choose from. You will be thrilled to savor the best grills, mezza plates and salad bar in town, but you should dig deeper into the delightful and rich menu at this Lebanese standout.

Don’t forget to indulge on our cocktails or ice-cream and be tempted by a divine assortment of traditional desserts like the Osmalieh, Haytalieh or “Rahet el Halkoum bil Bouza” accompanied by a cup of refreshing tea or a Lebanese coffee to settle your mood.

  • + Beirut Souks, Al Ajami Square, Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/984584
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"Cozmo in name, Cosmopolitan in style. Cozmo Café is yet another creation brought to the Lebanese F&B industry by Boubess Group, the nation's leading hospitality company.

Cozmo Café serves up an international menu including a wide variety of delicacies, drinks, coffee and desserts. Also, a unique Asian conveyor adds a quality to the already entertaining dining experience of the concept.

Whether you're there for lunch, dinner or an afternoon coffee, Cozmo Café will tickle your taste buds while you relish and relax."

  • + Zaitunay Bay, Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon:
    Tel. +961-1/361650 , +961-1/361690
  • + ABC Ashrafieh, Level 3
    Tel. +961-1/201111
  • + Eden Gardens Bldg, Grand Hotels District, Downtown Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/999644
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Le Relais de l'Entrecôte is one of the landmark restaurants of both Paris and Geneva. Le Relais de l'Entrecôte offers a set menu of a salad starter followed by a double portion of delicious meat and fries. The meat is served with the secret sauce that has become internationally famous. To top off this fabulous experience, one can choose from a large variety of exquisite desserts, all of which are home made and prepared a la minute.

The first Relais de l'Entrecôte opened its doors in August of 1998 on the corner of Abd El Wahab and Monot Streets in what was then still an area of ruined buildings and unpaved streets. The renovation of the building in which the restaurant is located led to an explosion of cafes, pubs and night clubs in the area which has since become recognized as the leading entertainment area in Beirut.

Following on from the success in Monot, the second restaurant was inaugurated in Verdun, one of Beirut's most active and vivid areas. Both restaurants are dedicated to maintaining the authentic French atmosphere which is epitomized by the restaurants in Paris and Geneva and which has found its own niche in Beirut.

  • + Abdel Wahab al Inglizi Street, Monot, Ashrafieh, Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/332087
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Italy in your neighborhood

The aim of Napoletana is to provide our guests with a typical neighborhood Italian restaurant that would not be out of place on the corner of any Italian street. Focusing on the traditional thin crust pizza and within a simple, expressive and genuine Italian ambiance, Napoletana offers a casual dining atmosphere with more than seventy menu items including gourmet pizzas, delectable pasta and a wide variety of appetizers, salads and desserts.

Napoletana has been created to bring to life all the warmth and charm of an unpretentious restaurant which serves delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. In an ambiance which recreates the birth place of traditional pizza and using traditional Italian facades, our guests are transported to the heart of Napoli to enjoy our chef's delicious creations.

To be consistent with Napoletana's great food, our staff goes through extensive training to ensure that every guest should leave delighted, rather than just satisfied.

All in all, for a wonderful Italian experience, Napoletana is everybody's neighborhood pizzeria.

  • + ABC Ashrafieh, Level 3
    Tel. +961-1/332002
  • + Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971-4/4393708
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In 1992 Scoozi opened in Verdun as the first Italian restaurant to offer a comprehensive range of pizza, pasta and salad.

Scoozi specializes in preparing hand-made, wood baked pizzas in an open kitchen, producing its own fresh pasta, traditional Italian dishes and superb desserts, creating a place for people to dine out while still feeling "at home".

As competition has increased and more Italian restaurants have opened, Scoozi has differentiated itself from other restaurants by creating the concept of the Scoozi Conveyor. The Scoozi Conveyor is a novelty where the emphasis is on fresh, hand-made sushi produced and circulated in front of guests seated at a counter. In addition to this, a multitude of salads, mini-pizzas, international delicacies and desserts are introduced to enrich the choice.

Having been successful for over ten years and having established itself as a landmark, Scoozi has expanded with a further restaurant in Beirut and one in Dubai.
All Scoozi restaurants have the same attractive design with distinctive hand painted murals which cover most of the walls.

Throughout its evolution, Scoozi has been recognized for its quality and consistency in addition to warm hospitality and attention to customer satisfaction.

  • + Rashid Karameh Street, Verdun, Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/800108
  • + Beirut City Center
    Tel. +961-1/284515
  • + Festival City, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971-4/2329595
  • + Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971-4/4393752
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The Met is an apt example of a well-balanced concept that's out to give people what they want.
Serving up international cuisine with delicacies from different corners of the globe, The Met has put together a menu of dishes from France, Japan, Italy, USA and the list goes on.
In parallel, iconic and adapted visual elements were introduced into The Met's interior architecture. An urban setting emitting a subway vibe has been developed to complement the entity created.
Whether you're there to pick up a snack and a coffee to-go, to gather with friends and business partners, to try the sumptuous desserts, The Met is always packed to its walls with regulars and newcomers.
Here you can grab a stool in the express section, a booth in the dynamic indoors area or go al-fresco on their terrace. And the dishes recommended? Anything really. From Sushi to Pasta to the wood-baked pizza being tossed up on sight or a simple Philly Steak sandwich; you're bound to find a dish that'll tickle you pink. The trick is to soak up the allure of the ambiance while you work your way to polishing off every last crumb in your plate.

  • + Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/984444
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Located in the prestigious Grand Hotels District in Downtown Beirut, Métropole is a brasserie with a relaxed upscale setting, serving not only French food, but classic dishes from other cuisines such as American and Italian. The menu is prepared by a top notch French chef and includes steaks, chicken and beef dishes, pastas, a gourmet hamburger, an extensive wine list and a raw seafood bar.

Métropole is open every day of the week for lunch and dinner and serves brunch on Sundays.

  • + Karagulla Bldg, 24 Park Avenue,
    Grand Hotels District, Downtown Beirut
    Tel: +961- 1/999938
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Located in Zaitunay Bay, one of Beirut's most prestigious and trendiest spots, Coast presents itself as an "American Grill & Bar" concept primarily offering steaks, burgers, seafood and a salad bar, in addition to a wide range of specialty cocktails, drinks and desserts.

Coast is an all-day dining concept with a state-of-the-art interior embracing an open kitchen that showcases live grilling and the butcher who prepares and cuts beef everyday.

Coast also offers a unique spacious terrace overlooking the marina and catering for all those looking for a special al fresco experience.

  • + Zaitunay Bay, Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/379740
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Mandarine, a café, brasserie & pâtisserie is now open in the heart of Downtown Beirut.

Embracing a passion for excellence, Mandarine offers diners a perfectly balanced mix of International dishes complemented with classic brasserie & pâtisserie favorites.

At first glance, the menu presents typical French & Italian starters and main courses, with a couple of pizzas and pastas for good measure. There's also the Lebanese side to the menu which offers grilled meats, special Lebanese "Plats du Jour" and Mezza.

The art of pastry-making is one of Mandarine's best qualities. We offer a variety of delicious desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet cravings whether you are ordering in or grabbing a delicious treat on the go.

The venue's relaxed setting offers a unique dining experience for anyone fancying a quality lunch, dinner or an al fresco afternoon tea!

In a nutshell Mandarine's secret of success lies in the philosophy of balancing the best traditions of the past, whilst creating a contemporary dining experience.

  • + Eden Gardens Bldg, Grand Hotels District, Downtown, Beirut
    Tel. +961-1/984984
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The Butcher Shop & GRILL


In the heart of Sandton, on Nelson Mandela Square, is the flagship Johannesburg branch of The Butcher Shop & Grill: an institution in South African dining.
For over 20 years, The Butcher Shop & Grill's unmatchable steakhouse has been as much a part of South Africa's culture as sunshine, red wine and red meat. You could say it is a landmark on the culinary landscape. But The Butcher Shop is also about family and the laughter, memories and conversations shared with special people over great food at a top steakhouse. This family business, handed down over three generations, is famed for its quality produce, extensive menu, separate butchery & deli and 800 passionate staff globally.

Today, regional and international tourists and local regulars flood into The Butcher Shop & Grill, where they encounter the same friendly expertise, service, quality and taste that were so prized by Dave and Fay Pick at their counter in 1940s Kalk Bay.

The restaurant is well known for its prime steaks, gourmet burgers, a selection of seafood and poultry platters along with specialty items that you don't want to miss.

This iconic brand brought to the Lebanese F&B industry by Boubess Group, the nation's leading hospitality company landed in Lebanon on December 2015 with an outstanding outlet located in Beirut Souks.

  • + Allenby Street, Beirut Souks, Lebanon
    Tel: +961-1/990993
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In the heart of the city, Angelina opened its first branch in Downtown Beirut on April 2016. The historic Angelina tea room brims with life and welcomes tourists and locals alike for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Renowned for its famous traditional hot chocolate, called L'Africain , Angelina invites you to savor the establishments' expertise as a chocolatier in the form of excellent-quality chocolates. While the Mont-Blanc remains the emblematic pastry at Angelina, other French pastry classics are also available, such as the Vanilla Millefeuille, the Lemon Tart and the Chocolate Éclair.

With its fine foods line, Angelina offers you a selection of products you can purchase and use to recreate the same atmosphere of elegance and indulgence you will find at the tea room like the bottled hot chocolate, the different tea blends, the chestnut cream and many more.

The luxurious and authentic atmosphere perfectly embodies the French aesthetics and refinement of the early 20th century. The interior, designed by the famous Belle Époque architect Edouard-Jean Niermans, combines elegance, charm and refinement to create a sense of romanticism and poetry. Angelina is a tranquil, exquisite space, somewhere between serenity and indulgence.

  • + Foch District, Saad Zaghloul Street, Downtown Beirut
    Tel: +961-1/990992
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The Corner


Housed in Beirut's Central district, The Corner is located in the heart of Beirut Souks.

The restaurant serves all the food you yearn from revolutionary burgers to Louisiana Buffalo wings, golden crispy fries with cheese & chili con carne, Tex-Mex Taco Salad, Fajitas and Nachos, in addition to a wide range of mouth-watering breakfast, lunch and dinner choices.

Here you can enjoy The Corner's signature cocktails prepared with fine spirits & freshly squeezed juices, ice-cold beers, hand-blended milkshakes, smoothies and an extensive selection of cold and hot coffee while chilling out at our spacious and relaxing garden upstairs.

For dessert, you can choose from our handmade classic desserts like the crispy chocolate waffle, the caramel apple crumble or our delightful bread pudding.

But it's not just the food that is great; the interior of the place is designed with comfortable leather booths, graffiti artworks on the walls and an outdoor terrace located on the roof.

The Corner is an excellent place to unwind and hide-away from the busy life in the city.

  • + Beirut Souks, Lebanon
    Tel. +961-1/998585, +961-1/998580
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Originally inaugurated in 1958, Le Commodore Hotel built its reputation as a base for foreign journalists and dignitary who came to Beirut to cover the civil war.
And now, still renowned for the good reputation, it holds a nostalgia that will never fade, especially when it keeps up to the expectations of its audience through a total renovation adding a modern luxurious look to one of the city's most famous hotels.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, in the most famous district Hamra, close to the business and shopping areas of the capital Beirut, Le Commodore is the ideal choice whether visiting Lebanon on business or leisure.
After a day exploring the rich and varied history of Lebanon's capital, you can return to all the facilities and services that make this, one of Beirut's finest hotels.
Beirut International Airport and the sea are only a short drive away. You are also midway between Tripoli, Cedars and Byblos in the North, Tyr and Sidon in the South.
A whole world of sophistication and warm hospitality awaits you in the 204 newly renovated luxury bedrooms & suites that answers the needs of evolution and technology, and pampers even the most discerning business traveler or international tourist.
Le Commodore also offers a wide variety of delights at its exotic International Restaurants serving the best in Japanese, Italian, International and, but naturally, Lebanese cuisines. Not forgetting the specialized conference facilities accommodating up to 650 persons.
Besides the outdoor pool and gym, a free access to "Lifestyles", the most exclusive and prestigious health club in town, is available for all.

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LifeStyles provides the perfect environment to develop a healthy pattern of living.
The club aims to meet member's fitness goals through moderate exercise programs assisted by trained and qualified staff.

The gym boasts a range of 150 pieces of equipment including treadmills, bikes, steppers and cross trainers for developing cardiovascular fitness complimented by a full set of free weights.
Alternatively, there are 40 exercise classes a week in a large Maple wood sprung Aerobics Studio, ranging from the usual favorites such as Step, Aerobics and Yoga to more recent additions such as Tae-Bo and Tai Chi. After a work out, there are plenty of places to relax such as the 20m Pool, the jets and bubbles of the Hydropool, the Sauna, Laconium and heated Loungers.

Our AromaSpa beauty salon compliments the club facilities. Professional Balinese Therapists offer a complete range of treatments of hair and body for the members and non-members.

While the adults are being occupied, our Jumping Jungle soft play area is a multi activity center to help ensure the kids get their exercise too.

LifeStyles is a leading Health Club in the Middle East, the architectural features and imaginative design of the facilities compliment the first class equipment and service.

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